7th International Conference
on Contemporary Issues in Business Management


Registration Process for Presenters

The authors are required to submit the full-length research paper (Conceptual or Empirical) at icibm@ucp.edu.pk after applying the author’s guidelines before November 5th, 2021.

The acceptance or rejection of the paper will be notified on/before November 12, 2021, through an email.

After receiving the acceptance email, one of the authors will register himself/herself as a “Presenter” after filling the Presenter’s Registration Form before November 15th, 2021. Remaining authors/co-authors can join the conference through the link provided in the acceptance email or from the link provided on the Conference Website in section “ Registration form for Attendees

For the registration as the presenter, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

Record the 5-8 Minutes video on Zoom or any other recording tool as per the video guidelines and the sample video

Fill the Presenter’s Registration Form by providing the details of the presenter’s name, institution, country, email address, phone number, paper ID (please check the paper ID in the acceptance email), and the link of your recorded video after uploading (Video URL or We Transfer)

The presenters must not wait for the last date of registration. After getting the acceptance letter/email, they must fulfill all the registration requirements without any delay.

Important Note: Every registered presenter must come to online on Zoom and attend the complete session as per the conference schedule/program for the live questions-answers session right after his/her recorded presentation . We will share the Zoom Link for the conference in the conference program. Your presence is mandatory for that session

Registration form for Presenters

Click here for Registration